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The three main reptiles that live in the Great Smoky Mountains are the turtle, lizard and snake.

Protected by a hard shell that consists of a lower and upper half, the turtle is a very unique looking reptile. While their jaws have sharp, jagged edges, a turtle actually has no teeth. The Great Smoky Mountains are the home to eight different species of turtles:

  • Eastern painted turtle
  • Snapping turtle
  • Stripeneck musk turtle
  • Easten Box turtle
  • Common map turtle
  • Cumberland slider
  • Stinkpot
  • Eastern spiny

Another common park reptile is the lizard. You will be able to spot a lizard by its scaly, dry skin. Frequently seen sunbathing, lizards use the sun to heat their small bodies. Lizards can be found in the dry, warm areas around the lower elevation areas of the Smokies. There are nine different types of lizards that live in the park:

  • Ground skink
  • Eastern slender glass lizard
  • Northern green anole
  • Five-lined skink
  • Six-lined racerunner
  • Broadhead skink
  • Coal skink
  • Northern fence lizard
  • Southeastern five-lined skink

One of the more dangerous reptiles in the park is the snake. Although the snake can be dangerous to visitors, only 2 out of the 23 different species are poisonous; the Timber Rattlesnake and the Northern Copperhead. Here are the 23 different snake species:

  • Eastern worm snake
  • Northern scarlet snake
  • Northern black racer
  • Northern ring-neck snake
  • Corn snake
  • Black rat snack
  • Eastern hognose snake
  • Mole king snake
  • Eastern king snake
  • Scarlet king snake
  • Eastern milk snake
  • Northern water snake
  • Rough green snake
  • Northern pine snake
  • Queen snake
  • Northern brown snake
  • Midland brown snake
  • Northern redbelly snake
  • Southeastern crowned snake
  • Eastern garter snake
  • Eastern earth snake
  • Northern copperhead
  • Timber rattlesnake
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