Cove Hardwood Forest

This forest is regarded as the most botanically diverse out of all the prk’s forests. The home to 20 to 60 different types of shrubbery and trees, the climate in the Cove Hardwood Forest is ideal for rich soil and sheltered valleys. Common types of vegetation in this area include basswood, Carolina Silverbell, magnolia and dogwood. The highest elevation in this region is topped by the Spruce-fir Forest.

Northern Hardwood Forest

The Northern Hardwood makes up the middle and upper elevation areas within 3,500 to 5,000 feet. This is the highest elevated deciduous forest in the whole East coast. Visitors will know when they have arrived in the Northern Hardwood Forest by the surrounding maple trees, yellow birch and American Beech. This particular forest closely resembles the woodsy areas in northern areas like Pennsylvania, New England, New York and Southern Ontario.

Pine Oak Forests

These areas mainly consist of exposed, dry slopes that are located on the western side of the park. Although the area receives large amounts of rain, the steep slopes dry quickly causing this region to regularly see forest fires. Because of the high amounts of fires, the park regularly practices controlled burning to make sure that certain species are able to regenerate. Some of the different types of vegetation in this part of the park include white pines, pitch, table mountain, scarlet, black and chestnut oak and white pines.